A Workshop on Story-Centered Design

If you're heading to the Future of StoryTelling Summit, I'd love for you to participate in the workshop I’m leading with Dianna Kane. Dianna is a Senior Designer at Medic Mobile, a company using accessible technologies such as SMS to improve healthcare in marginalized communities around the world.

Andy Titus + Free Association

We're thrilled to announce that Andy Titus has joined the Free Association team as Partner, Experience Design.

Exploring Apple Watch

At FreeLab™ we’ve recently started working on an Apple Watch prototype for Pingsy, our mobile type-free messaging app. Pingsy is all about speed and simplicity, so we feel the Watch could be the perfect device for sending and receiving 'Pingsies'.

Meet Pingsy

Each product in our FreeLab initiative has an idea sponsor— typically the person who conceived of the product based on a pain point they've personally experienced. I'm the idea sponsor for Pingsy, which helps people efficiently ship time-based communications on the go.

Build With Us

We're looking for a talented web developer to join our small, tight-knit team in Brooklyn, NY. This person will work in close collaboration with other FA team members on client projects and in our lab, to realize elegant solutions to complex business challenges.

FreeLab Learnings: Mercury 1

We’ve been busy innovating and incubating at our 20 Jay Street lab. Recently, we concluded our first product development cycle (codename: Mercury 1). Though we retired the final product shortly after launching the Beta, the experiment was a success.

Getting Back in the Lab

Following a short warm up sprint in the Spring, I'm excited to say that our internal product development lab (FreeLab) is back in full swing.

We're Hiring a Designer

We're looking for a full-time or freelance **Designer** to collaborate with our team in Brooklyn, New York. In this role, you will work closely with other designers, engineers, and strategists to bring a variety of screen-based projects to life.

Drowning in Project Complexity? Try Organizing in Work Streams.

In redesigning cornell.edu we found that collaboration, when unbridled, actually worked against us. FA & CU redesigned our workflow and organized the project around 5 interrelated work streams.

The FreeLab Experiment

Our newest endeavor, titled FreeLab™, has taken form as a time boxed experiment in collaboration with our in-house partners who built [Clambake](http://clambakeapp.com/). Our mission is to incubate at least 3 digital businesses within a 12 week period with the overarching goal of shared learning.